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How to Prepare Your Daughter for Their First Period

Trying to remember the first time I got my period and how it felt. Gosh starting to feel old. Being a mom of a girl especially when you start noticing things like breast tissue forming or discharge on their underwear. It’s time to make sure that your daughter carries a first-period emergency kit.

My daughter is Nine years old and she is already wearing roll on because of underarm odour and started seeing that her chest is no longer flat. My baby girl is growing so quickly, and I am not ready for PUBERTY.

Started worrying about her, getting her period at school and I won’t be there to help. Which inspired this blog post about how to prepare your daughter for their first period.

In their school bag, keep a small pouch having a clean pair of spare panties and two sanitary pads, an extra in case their friend ever needs one. It may be silly to carry it for years but it’s better to be safe and prepared.

Another thing you can do as a mother, is to teach your daughter how to wear a pad in case her first period comes while she is at school. Glad my daughter knows the difference between a pad and panty liner because she is always asking questions. One thing she is not keen about is pubic hair hahaha.

The pad is for when my punana is sick and the panty liner is for every day use.

Another thing is to talk about the changes that will be happening with their body from body odour to pubic hairs .

Make them understand that it is part of growing up, and there is nothing you can do to stop all the changes. They should not be embarrassed about getting their period. Blood is normal regardless of where is coming from.

Who they can talk to?

It’s okay to talk to their girlfriends about periods, hearing other girls’ stories will help them feel normal about their period.

The best person to talk to is your mum because come on let’s face it,  you have had hundreds of periods after all that makes you an expert or sister or female figure in your life.

Remember to talk to them about how often they should change their pad and how to dispose of a used pad.  Make it a fun ongoing conversation not awkward.

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