How To Save Money While Shopping?

Now more than ever saving money while shopping is imperative. I am certain that everyone is searching how to save money and stretch that Rand even further. How to save money while shopping?

There are many ways to save money and different tricks and tips work for everyone. Today I will be sharing with you my very own personal tips and tricks that I used to save my family while shopping. Whether for groceries or clothes they apply to both.

Use Cash

I found that using credit cards at stores for shopping, I tend to over buy and go overboard.

Withdrawing my shopping money and using cash has really helped me save money a lot.


Sticking to your budget is important when trying to save money. Taking a certain amount of money to the store helps to curb overspending on unnecessary items.

Buy Online What You Need

Buying online does not necessarily save you money unless you have full self-control. Also, it is worthwhile when you don’t have to pay for delivery fees.

Even though, it is convenient those delivery fees add up.

Write A List

A total must, having a list can be beneficial when it comes to avoiding buying unnecessary items and waste. The key is to buy what is on the list.

Remember Your Why

When you spend money and try to save money. Remember your why, maybe you have children trying to save for their future or on a debt free journey.

Just remember why you are cutting down on costs.

Substitute Brand with Store Brand

Recently started substituting brand names with store brands and I must say some store products are not that different to store brands.
They are also cheaper and saved me some money and made my grocery money go further. Store brands aren’t so bad.

Repurpose Clothes

Also, learned to Repurpose clothes instead of buying a whole new outfit. You would be amazed about the number of clothes that sit in the closet forgotten.

You want to save some money, shop at your closet or sell items you don’t wear and use that money to get new clothes.

What are your tips and tricks when it comes to saving money? Share with us in the comments

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