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How to Shop Safely This Black Friday During the Pandemic

It is Black Friday week, and this year is different to other years. The whole world is facing the Coronavirus (CoVid19) pandemic.  Shopping at this moment is already scary for me because people are not adhering to the social distancing in the stores and the stores have relaxed on checking whether we are following the rules. This got me thinking how to shop safely this Black Friday during the pandemic.

There are people who recklessly think that the pandemic has gone away since South Africa went to Level 1. People it is still very active and by not adhering to wearing masks, sanitizing, and practicing social distancing we are at risk of seeing the number get worse again.

This been said please shop wisely and responsibly. Here are some tips on How to shop safely this Black Friday during the pandemic.

Shop Online.

Please shop online if you can as much as possible and yes, I am aware of people who are tech challenged. There must be at least one person in the family that is not afraid of the internet and you can all compile your lists and get them data and ask them to assist your shopping.

Shop Sensibly.

If, you cannot shop online and you make it to the shops. Protect yourselves at all costs by wearing your masks, practicing social distancing and have hand sanitizer with you at the time. Wipe down the trolley handles before touching the trolley and sanitize regularly as you do your shopping.

As soon as you reach home wash your hands thoroughly, take your clothes off, wipe down things you have bought and wash any new clothing before wearing it, if you don’t do that already.

Prepare a List and Budget.

Prepare a list and budget ahead of time, if you are shopping online then you need to create a Wishlist on all the sites you intend to buy from. Remember to be financially responsible by only buy things that you really need including essential goods.

Do not forget to have your details stored for speedily checkout because products run out.

Sleep Early.

This is for when you are shopping online and set alarm for 30 minutes before Midnight. Lots of sites have a tendency of crashing due to high traffic volumes.

Happy responsible shopping everyone and stay safe and sensible.

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