How to Successfully Complete Savings Challenges

When I started doing these challenges several years back I failed dismally because I was comparing my starting journey to people who have mastered How to Successfully Complete Savings Challenges.

It was until I let go of the comparison and learn more about personal finance I was able to focus on my journey fully, I was
able to complete the savings challenge.

I am going to share with you key points that worked for me:

  • Pay Yourself First

It does not matter how much you earn every little bit adds up in the end. When you receive your paycheck decide how much you want to save every month and save it. It is okay if the amount is the same every month or changes as you go on.

  • Stop Procrastination

Stop procrastinating and just start this is your journey own it. Every little step counts in the end.

  • Be Consistent

Be consistent every week or month whether you have R100 or R10.00 just save it. Do not stress about it just do it and before you know it you would have been used to the habit of saving.

This journey of saving is about you learning a new habit.

  • Set Realistic Goals

We all want to save lots of amounts of money but if our budgets do not allow for it, this derails us. Don’t keep up with the Joneses just do you.

  • Celebrate

Celebrate every small gain of victory, this will keep you motivated to march on your financial journey. It is about the journey, not the destination.

  • Open a different Account

Yes, you read right, open a different account for your savings challenge and let it sit there. Having a different account for your saving rewires your mind and stops you from using the money unintentionally.

People always say to know why you are saving it is okay if you don’t have a way just as long as you begin. You’re why will reveal itself to you when the time is right.

One more thing has fun saving and I am wishing you all the best.

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