Inside My Beauty Cabinet








I don’t keep much but the products that I have I use them religiously.

Avon Solutions Cellu Sculpt I use it to treat cellulite on my thighs its a tri-roller easy to use .

Justine Anti-Aging Mask I love because it d nuoes not dry out my skin like other masks it very gentle and soothing.

Organics shampoo and conditioner love the smell and the feeling I get in my hair when I use it

GND Body Luv Bath Oils the smell is define and it good for rough and dry skin as it hydrates the skin

Garnier BB Cream love it and easy to use currently the only makeup I use

African Extracts Rooisbos Toner,Day cream with SPF15 and Night Cream its really good n my skin and natural too

Johnsons and Johnsons 3in 1 toner and Fair Complexion day cream with SPF15 I have been a fan of these since forever

xoxo Ponie

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