I recently gave birth at one of the Life Hospitals and upon admission received a gift bag , which contained some products , that are essential for both baby and mommy. Decided to take you inside the Life Hospital baby gift bag and show you what was inside.

Let me start by saying that I love the baby backpack I received and the size is amazing. The bag they give you of course is to add on to the already available baby products that you have and in return saving you money before you need to top up the newborn essential products.

• Backpack which I am in love with because of the colours and how spacious it is.
• Pampers Wipes
• Pampers Premium Care diapers
• Pigeon Breast Pads
• Bennetts baby bum full size and a small sample
• Aqueous Cream small samples
• Johnson’s Baby Oil
• Johnson’s top to toe baby bath
• Cotton wool
• Dr White’s Sanitary Towels
• Medela Purelan 100 nipple cream sachet
• Little Life Magazine

I don’t know if all the Life Hospital baby gift bags contain the same contents or not. Just sharing the products that I received in my bag pack.

Disclaimer – I am sharing my own personal experience and in no way advising anyone. I was in no way compensated to write this review and I received the product for free

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  • Annelene Ramana

    Hi I had a c section done at Mount Edge Comb Hospital On The 31 May 2020 And Did Not Receive a Maternity Baby Bag I was Told No Stock Of Bags And Soon As they have stock they would call me Which They didnt
    How can you assist me
    Thank you

    • Moipone


      Congratulations on your bundle of joy. I received my bag when I went to give birth.

      When you going to give birth before if they don’t bring it ask them.

      Good luck.

      • Bibi Ayesha Hafeji

        I gave birth in 2013 and again in in 2021 and I received my Little Life bag both times. Mine contained an adorable Little Life Bear each time. The contents do change a bit but depending on the sponsors, most remain the same. I loved the Babysense Dudu Blanket which I received each time.

  • Bibi Ayesha Hafeji

    Sorry.. the Babysense Dudu Blanket came with my Discovery Baby box, not the Little Life Bag…

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