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Introducing the Gliss intense Therapy with Omegaplex


Beauty Bulletin recently sent me a remarkable product to try out with my girlfriends. We were chosen to be part of a campaign for Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex.

I have heard of Gliss products before but never tried it on my hair until this campaign. Without further a due introducing the Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex.

My friends and I we each received 3 products which included;

  • Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex ® Shampoo 250ml (R52.99 per product)
  •   Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex ® Conditioner 200ml (R52.99 per product)
  • Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex ® Structure Repair Treatment Mask 300ml (R89.99 per product)

The Gliss Intense Therapy with Omegaplex range works to reverse damage caused by styling, heat and everyday stresses.

The range helps to repair the bonds of the hair and reconstruct the innermost hair structure, thereby visibly revitalizing your locks and protecting it against future damage!

Introducing the Gliss intense Therapy with Omegaplex


Tried the product on my natural hair, the Gliss Intense Therapy range made my hair soft and manageable, but the product did not make my hair shiny.

Introducing the Gliss intense Therapy with Omegaplex


My daughter is biracial, so she has mixed hair African and Asian. The range loved my daughter hair so much. The reason why I tried the product on her is because she sometimes wants her hair ironed straight instead of curly.

Her hair is manageable, tangle free, smooth and the bonus wait for it very shiny. My daughter absolutely loved the way her hair felt, and the results lasted for a week.



So loved testing products, I took this Gliss range testing a step further by trying it on my Brazilian weave. Wow the results were mind-blowing, my weave was all smooth, shiny and sleek.

If you are a weave lover this product will leave your weave clean and shiny. Without compromising the quality of your weave. Smells amazing too.


My final Impression on the Gliss intense Therapy with Omegaplex

When a product performs and delivers like this the price tag does not matter. It is a product worth investing in. I will be buying the product again and will continue using it on my daughter’s hair and my weaves.

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