Isabella Garcia Bella Essenziale Range


Wow, I have been using the Isabella Garcia Bella Essenziale Range, the hand and body wash and lotion. I seriously know nothing about these product except that I smell so good after using them.

Bella Essenziale Hand and Body Wash

Comes in a simple black and white bottle in 200ml, after bathing with it, I smelled like I was bathing in perfume it left my skin feeling refreshed and fragranced without drying my skin out it is very gentle this bottle goes for R 129.00

Bella Essenziale Hand and Lotion

It is amazing how long the smell lasts after applying it on my body, I don’t put perfume after using it. Comes in a 100ml bottle for about R89.00.

I will be exploring the Isabella Garcia skin care product range which are all available here, it is also suitable for all skin types including the sensitive skin. I am totally impressed that this a proudly South Africa product the packaging simple yet classy and elegant.

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