Juggling Two Kids And Working Full-Time
Being a Mom

Juggling Two Kids and Working Full-time

What a year it has been? The hardest thing for me this year has been juggling two two kids and working full-time. Even though I am grateful that my mom helps out a lot.

To this day my daughter is only in school only for one day of the week other days is endless WhatsApp messages with school work. 

To be totally honest, I am exhausted by it all. I literally need a break and my daughter is missing her friends at school. 

As for school my daughter and I we are always playing catch up on school work. That is on days when I am not exhausted from being at work the all freaking day.

Juggling Two Kids and Working Full-time

My toddler also wants his own attention when I get back, dinner has to be made and tidying up the house. 

Feel like I have an endless to-do list. I miss our normal routine most importantly miss the tutor that helped my child with homework and preparing for exams. 

I have literally become the superwoman and exhaustion is setting in and my body is screaming rest up.

Seriously need a break from being a worker, an entertainer, chef, housekeeper, teacher that is just a few hats I had to wear recently. Need a momcation and wifecation.

Well that concludes my rant of how exhausted and Juggling Two Kids and Working Full-time.

How are you holding up mommy? 

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