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July Featured Blog: Yellow Lab (1)

I’d like for you to meet a friend and fellow blogger of Ferocious Haven: Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog {}.

I asked Salomé to tell us a little more about herself and to share her 3-5 all-time favourite posts she’s written.

Hi! I’m Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog.I’m a photographer and designer who runs Yellow Lab with my hubby when we’re not tending to little toddler tantrums, preparing for little baby brother number two or taking our Labrador and retriever for a long leisurely walk. We document our behind the scenes photo shoots, client photos from photo shoots and post personal notes to our boy(s) and share things we find funny or that inspire us.
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I started blogging shortly after getting married in 2009 as a way of doing something creative after hours. It was only round about 2011 that I started to love photography {} and 2014 that Yellow Lab was born.

I am happiest when our entire family is out walking. When the dogs are running off their leashes, hubby and I’m next to each other, Odin is running and laughing and the sun is shining. I love it whenever there is laughter! If you throw a camera into this mixture of happiness and are able to capture those true smiles and pure joy……. I can hardly think of anything better. 😀 (2)

I love to capture my family’s moments to make sure I always remember {} just how little my little guy once was and to see how our family changes every year {}. I especially love if I can help people remember their own stories, whether it’s a booked photo shoot or tips on how to take better photos of your own kids using your phone {}

Please visit the Yellow Lab blog for more stories on our fur babies Lily and Poppy or our experience with parenthood raising Odin and soon his little brother too.

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