Kids won’t need an Unabridged Birth Certificate when travelling anymore

Kids wonts need an Unabridged Birth Certificate when travelling anymore. According to the interview between talk Radio and Mkuseli Apleni that is the director – general for the Department of Home Affairs.

Sure this wonderful news to the ears of parents who travel with children especially my ears.

So according to the interview with Mkuseli Apleni the new children passport will have parent’s details on them and with a turn a round time of 5 to 14 working days.

Soon the days of having to wait over 6 months to get the Unabridged Birth Certificate from the Department of Home Affairs will be over.

This is surely makes travelling abroad and packing easier for us parents. Also eliminates the need to apply, collect and carry the birth certificates in our luggage (Happy dance).

We can be proud of South Africa for this new regulation. As much as I am happy and relived about this news the process will take some time especially for those of us whose children still have valid passports.

Please read carefully that this will only benefit only the new passport applications and holders.


The process is as follows and please read very carefully:

  • The system is said to go live from the 24th of July.


  • All new children’s (Child’s) passports will be issued with the parent’s details with a turnaround time of between 5 and 14 working days.


  • IMPORTANT :  Current passports will still have to be accompanied by the Unabridged Birth Certificate, until they expire.


  • Should a parent wish to apply for a new passport, whilst the current is valid, a double fee will be charged.

With the new live capture and online application process well underway, applications are less tedious.


Please contact the Department of Home Affairs for any further information.

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