Life is a Survivor Series

Life is a Survivor Series

Life is a Survivor Series

Life is a Survivor Series
there is one thing certain about life,
we are all survivors of something.
Do not despair when the cloud of hardship is hanging over your head
Because no situation or feeling is permanent.
Your sunshine is on the horizon

Your life could be going well enjoy it but remember not to get too confident
Because the ray of sunshine could easily a cloud of hardship .
Be thankful for the season of happiness in your life

Everyone on this earth goes through something that will test their strength and will
whether you are rich or poor
Whether you live in the Hampton or Detroit,
Whether you have a mansion in Sandton or shack in Gugulethu.

Life is a Survivor series we all go through hardships in life
Do not despair when things are not going , everything passes
Even if it takes 20 years for your struggle to end at the end of the day it will end

Life is a Survivor series
We are all survivors of something
Chin up and keep going because life goes on
Drowning in self pity never helped anyone
One of these days your rainbow will appear in the mist of the storm and you will be glad you didn’t give up.

Love more and hate less.

A South African bloggers that enjoys sharing her experiences whether about a product or good/bad customer service. I started Ferocious Haven at the end of 2014 , now Life and Mo. I write about beauty products, product reviews , parenting journey and challenges and life and achieving personal finance.


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