Little things that make motherhood worth it

12April2015 003

Every day I am blown away when my daughter does or asks something new. Over the weekend she asks what does incredible mean? As usual, I am speechless and gather my thoughts, then answer and I say I don’t know. She tells me I am a big girl I must know.

Seeing a child develop and grow its just beautiful, something you need to go through to understand it.I must say it has been a wonderful journey and a pleasure to see this young soul grows into this little princess.

Motherhood is by far the best that has ever happened to me in the begining it was rough, but I have finally molded into being a mother and hearing my daughter say to me, you are the best mom, means the world to me and I must be doing something good.

So today I got back from work and while we were walking home she said to me, tomorrow fasting is starting and she will be fasting all day, so I must wake her up early in the morning to eat (like seriously). Ok, wait she is only turning 6 years old in August already she wants to fast.

These little things surely do bring a smile on my face after a long day at work

How was work after a long weekend?


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