Look in the mirror and say I am Beautiful

After having my daughter I have found it so hard to feel beautiful because the size 32 no longer fitted me the sizes just went up and up and up. Don’t start about the stretch marks and sagging breasts. It’s pretty much hard to feel beautiful. Beauty is really something that is one sided in the eyes of the society, but to you and me it does not need to be, we have the power to let beauty be whatever we want it to be.
I am beautiful with all my post baby flaws and each of my flaws tells a story of where I have been and If I have remained a size 32 with a perfect figure I would have not had the chance to know what unconditional love is. Having my daughter is the most beautiful thing about me and I embrace it.Look in mirror and say I am Beautiful with me come on.

Here is to being beautiful through powerful quotes from women of all walks of life:





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