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MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, Cream Cleaner and Thick Bleach



I received the MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, Cream Cleaner and Thick Bleach from Home Tester club to review and give my honest opinion.

Received three products to try out around my home and  MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, Cream Cleaner and Thick Bleach.

MAQ Dishwashing Liquid with Active Lemon

Before receiving the the product , I had tried the MAQ Dishwashing Liquid before and it did not live up to other best selling dishwashing liquid products in South Africa.

After receiving the MAQ Dishwashing Liquid  I was skeptical because of my prior exprience but the product really improved and did a 180 degrees  turn around.

Love the new high foam and thick formula. A little goes a long way.

MAQ Cream Cleaner with Lavender Burst

It was my first time trying out the product packaged in purple bottle. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom and even to mop the floor (totally multipurpose).

All you have to do is dilute it in water or not and MAQ Cream Cleaner  leaves the surface sparkling clean while releasing a lavender fragrance.

The price is not bad and it compares really well with other products in market.

MAQ Thick Bleach with Lemon Burst

Not only does the MAQ ThickBleach cleans but also disinfects. The product is really thick and strong. When using it dont pour too much because it is strong.

It smells great and smells good too. MAQ Thick Bleach is really not bad compared to other thick bleach cleaners and also affordable.

Just remember to wear gloves when using the product because I found it harsh on my hands.

My overall impression about the MAQ Cleaning Product is the products are affordable  and work well compared to other best products in the market.

The MAQ Cream Cleaner  is my most favourite of the three products because I loved the lavender fragrance it left after using it and also left my bath tub really white.

Have you ever used any of the MAQ Dishwashing Liquid, Cream Cleaner and Thick Bleach?

How did you find them, please share your experience with us.

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