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MiPad Kiddies from MiMate Review

Mimate Kiddies ReviewI decided to get an educational tablet as her birthday present because she loves my tablet and we are always fighting for it.

So I google educational tablets for children and I got MiPad Kiddies from MiMate and it was budget friendly because I bought this one for R999.00 from Takealot.

This MiPad Kiddies from MiMate Review is to help mommies when they decide to search such a product for their kiddies. There isn’t enough options in the market.

I am happy for the tablet because its keeping her busy during the school holidays. It is also a learning opportunity for her too because I told her she is responsible for it, she has to make sure it  does not crack.


I love the packaging its brightness and showcases the different colours they over on their cover which is 4 colours. The quality of the box amazing MiMate has done a fabulous job on the packaging it’s something you will be drawn if it was on an electronic store shelf.

Mimate Kiddies Reviews


The product is pre-loaded with a lots of games and educational game.

Built in with Children’s software

Child friendly interface

Android 4.4 Operating System

High Resolution Dual Camera

Full length displays IPS screen

Uses Wi-Fi


In the box toy also find Headphones, Charger, USB cable, Free USB Reader etc.

Abeerah’s Opinion: She loves it and she said it has a lot of things to do like colouring book, keyboard. Loves the pick cover it came with. In her words its fabulous.

My opinion: I love that it keeps my daughter away from my tablet (Smile), I love the packaging and cover makes it easy for children to handle. I love its pre- loaded with enough games and learning material. I am just disappointed with the quality of the camera as my daughter loves taking photos.

This was my MiPad Kiddies From MiMate Review, totally worth the price and my daughter is happy having fun and leaning at the same time.


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  • stacey oakes

    My daughter is one and already is showing an interest in this type of media (how scary is that!) I’m trying to wait as long as possible before I start introducing all these new things! What age was your daughter when you begun to let her play with your own tablet?

    • Moipone Tsoka- Islam

      Hi Stacey

      Your daughter she is too young to introduce her to tablets, my daughter she is 7 years old and it was a birthday girl but started playing with mine just before she turned 6 last year.:-) 🙂 let her experience life as a child like playing with Lego building blocks. Of course she will be curious just delay her as much as you can 🙂 🙂

  • Kaye

    How fab does this look. I think technology is a way of life now and our kids are bound to be curious so things like this that bridge the gap are great. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    I like that there are so many learning games for kids now. They can get used to technology and the responsibility of having one too. The games now are really good at teaching kids, shapes, math, reading. It’s so accessible! Hope she continues to learn and love it!

  • Kay

    What is the age group for this? My niece want the leappad for Christmas. She is 9 years old. will this be more beneficiary

    • Moipone Tsoka- Islam

      Hi Kay

      You niece will get bored easily this table it is more from 5 years to 7 years old. Its full of foundation phase learning material. Get something suitable for her age, check takealot they always have awesome things of special☺

  • Kerry Wilson

    Thank you my 3 yr old is desperate for her own tablet, I saw this but worried it would not be enough for her but if your daughter is happy with it after using yours it sounds perfect.

  • Kim Muller

    I just found your review now, is there any way you could please advice how I switch between the kids desktop and the parent desktop? I’m getting no luck with Google. TIA

  • Joyce

    I bought this device in November, I gave my daughter on Christmas day. She used it till the 31st December and stopped working. it wouldnt even turn on.
    What can be done to help?

  • Chantal

    My 3yr old got one for her birthday last week, omg she loves it.
    And it also keeps her busy and quiet in the car. I love the fact that it’s educational, as she loves numbers, shapes and colour. Oh, and games too 🙂

  • Patience

    Hi Moipone,
    I have an issue with MiPad because my daughter got hers for her birthday in December would for a while.Has educational games,absolutely love it and it just stopped working.It wouldnt switch on.Her father took it back in January and it was gone for over 1 month.She got it back in March,actually she was given a brand new one and now the one she’s had for 1 and a half month is faulty.Which is rather disappointing.It’s the 1st of May 2018 in the morning and it’s doing the same thing.

    • Moipone

      Hi Patience

      I do feel you lr fustration, take back you should still be covered btly warranty request a new one and if the 3rd one gives same ish. Request a refund.

      My daughter loved the tablet because of the educational aspectof it but when it starts to give issues it can be disappointing.

  • Phindi

    Hi Moipone
    The tablet just stopped working, it wouldn’t switch on I took it for repairs and when it came back all the apps and games are gone.
    How can I get them back?

      • PHINDI

        Hi Moipone

        I spoke to a very friendly guy at CNS marketing and he gave us a brand new tablet. a few days later it fell, there was a crack on the “ON /OFF button then the battery slowly started swelling. looks like we need to purchase a new one as my 3 year old really enjoyed using kiddies You tube.

  • Yugan Naicker

    I have purchased a Mipad for my daughter. She dropped it on the floor and the screen cracked. Can I get it fixed

    • Moipone

      Hi Yugan

      Oh no, If you check some of the comments above you . I have left a contact number for the manufacturer perhaps you can call them and and hear what they have to say.

  • Minnie

    I loved it for my 5yr old but started freezing from day 1 and day 6 sound was terrible i had to take it back

  • James

    Can someone please help me my mother blocked the app and removed it how or where can i download it again please

  • Bernardine

    My 4yr old got one in June last year and it is switching off completely when switching on it does the same after 1 to 2 minutes. Any advice as to what it could be.

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