Mommy why don’t I have straight hair? Mixed Girl Problems


The other day my daughter asked me why she does not have straight hair like her other friends. Well I tried my best to explain to her that she is mixed – race. What is mixed-race, she asked? Mommy why don I have straight hair? Mixed girl problems, well honey it is because you are mixed your daddy is Indian and I am black that is why you have beautiful curly hair.

My daughter likes to like her hair open oh boy, you know mixed hair and air equals to disaster. She comes back looking like she was walking through a tropical storm named why is your hair not tied up.   

You will see me go whoooooosaaah so that I don’t flip and throw a mommy tantrum. Hope my daughter grows out of this straight phase because I am out of explanations for real.

Raising a mixed girl is proving to be a whole lot difficult, don’t ask me about wash days. Yes, straight hair looks all nice and sleek (I secretly wish your hair was straight too baby girl), but you get what you get and don’t complain about it.

Mixed girl problems mommies hate elements of the weather rain, wind, hail and do you tell me about humidity (We are enemies).

Always tell Abeerah to embrace her curly hair and be thankful. The other day she asked me to relax her hair, (No way in hell) I am going to do that sweetheart.

Wait until you are older and working then you can pay for that. Of course, don’t say it out loud LOL. I smile and say not today sweetheart ; would you like some ice -cream or chocolate milkshake.

Mixed Girl Problems #101

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