My experience flying Emirates


In march when we decided to take a family vacation to the US Orlando Florida, we browsed through airlines’ websites and we initially decided to fly Emirates. The prices were too high at that time and because the Rand was really weak, too, going to Orlando, Florida the ticket prices would give anyone a heart attack New York was cheap but accommodation was expensive and accommodation in Florida was cheaper.

My experience flying Emirates well hubby always uses them so it was my daughter and my first time. The staff was very welcoming all smiles, poised and well mannered. I love their uniforms really beautiful and clean. My daughter was entertained all the way from our location to our destination and back. I loved the fun pack they gave her about animals and countries and most importantly, there was a wide selection of animation and the little ones got served first.


Airplane food is horrible they all tasted the same and I was disappointed with their breakfast because it was all kinds of eggs, I do not eat eggs so breakfast was a bit difficult for me (Please consider other options). The menu was crisp and elegant.
The economy seats they were too close to each other and by the time I arrived, my back was hurting, I don’t know how people sleep, coming was better because the plane was not full so I asked to sit on the empty seats so that I can lay down I was sick chest infection. (Not a nice way to end an amazing trip).

All in all, I will fly Emirates again and I pray for business class seats they are so spacious and they looked so comfortable and soft. Flying Emirates were really a life changing experience me and my daughter and I am really thankful the memory cards we got with each flight the friendly flight attendants took family photos for our daughter to cherish the experience forever.

What is your favorite airline and why do you love it?

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