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My Favourite Television Series Cancelled

Nothing annoys me like loving a television series and find out there is no season 2, so I have a DSTV compact package which means I get to see more series after the premium subscribers have seen it. So what prompted this vent is I am currently loving the State of Affairs, starring the beautiful and talented Katherine Heigl and then I found out from a fellow TV junkie friend of that it was cancelled and my reply was what the point of watching if the story does not continue.

Now I seriously don’t understand why TV shows are cancelled without being given the chance to prosper at least why not give it 3 seasons and if it still fails then cancel it not after the season that is purely unfair and makes no sense. I have noticed that several of my favourite shows will not be returning for more seasons and that made me angry and here is my list;
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State of Affairs – After just one season Bam the show was cancelled come on they did not give it a chance to grow PS ILOVEIT

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The Stalker – Also cancelled after season one because it did not draw in enough viewers, firstly come on Maggie Q did not draw in a lot of viewers, please and secondly this was an awesome and intense different cop drama totally enjoyable

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Benched- Wow, this was on hilarious comedy I truly thought it had potential with all the humour and love story brewing I was hoping for more then again it did not survive season one too

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Extant- I loved seeing Halle Berry in a series really and the storyline was pretty awesome and then after only 2 seasons it was canned too.
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Melissa and Joey – My 6 years old daughter loves this show and every time an episode finished, she would say no I want more yep, that’s how good and funny the show was truly disappointed that they decided to end it. It was also really good seeing Melissa after so many years.
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Selfie – Another disappointment cancelled after season 1 I don’t even know what to say, but just cry yep I am crying a river right now.
Franklin and Bash – drama, comedy and courtroom now this pair made this legal drama, fantastic I just don’t get why they didn’t have enough viewers for the show to be renewed.
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Taxi Brooklyn – Wow, this series had an amazing season one ending so much that after watching the season finale, I went straight to google to check when will season two will come on to find that it was cancelled #Pissedoff

Believe the list is way to long but I will just leave it here, CBS , TNT etc please stop cancelling shows

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