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My first attempt in raising a charitable child

Today I decided to raid my daughter’s closet so I took this time to teach her about sharing and giving. So I took out all her clothes and I told her we are giving her small clothes to Nana, she got excited and happy and she even helped me. To my surprise, she looks her teddy and says are you happy for your new clothes, I guess I was not clear because she calls her teddy bear nana so she thought the clothes were for her teddy.

So I decided to slowly tell her what’s happening, tears filled her eyes it took some convincing for her to agree to give the nana me talking about the clothes. She is the only child so I don’t want her to grow up selfish. I would like her to be charitable, kind and polite.


Damn parenting is so hard monkey see, monkey do now I literally understand. In order for my daughter to grow into a lady I need to instill good values while she is still at an impressionable age.

I hope next time when she donates clothes it will be easy and breezy. Today it was the first step I am hopeful that next year this time things will be different.IMG_20150706_184752



1. Say no more often so they can understand that they cannot always get what they want

2. Donate clothes and toys and get them involved in the process

3. Make donating part of your family life or tradition keep it consistence

4. Explain to them not everyone is blessed as them.Sharing is caring

5. Practice what you preach in order for them to follow in you foot steps .

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