My Weekday Morning Routine – Get Ready with Me

Today I decided to write about my weekday morning routine – get ready with me. This is exactly what I do every morning Monday to Friday. 

Wake up at 5:30 a.m. 

For some reason at around this time my sleep gets finished, no alarm needed. 

I Pray 

Before I get out of bed I pray and thank God for yet another day, I pray before getting out of bed because if I do to be honest it slips my mind. 

5:45 a.m.  Take a Shower 

Around this time I go take a quick shower because my son wakes up after me. Using my favourite products. 

5:55 a.m. Drink Hot Water and Lemon

It is a ritual that I have my cup of hot water and lemon, while deciding what I am going to wear to work.

6 a.m. Get Dressed

I get dressed and put my makeup up on well I only use BB Cream and concealer, and I am ready.  Pack my bag make sure everything is in there my wallet, lip balm, earphones. 

6:15 a.m. I make My Lunch Box 

For lunch, I usually take leftovers from last night, if the food is finished. Then, I just throw a pack of two minute noodles in my bag. 

6:30 a.m. Spend some time with my children 

I spend some time with my kids either getting my girl ready for school and playing with my boy while waiting for my mom to arrive and look after him. 

Lately my husband and sister are doing the Baby sitting while I am at work I am an essential worker. 

I change his diaper, prepare what he will be eating while I am at work. 

7 a.m. Go to Work 

I say see you later to everyone and head out to work and I get to work around 8 a.m. 

8 a.m.  Arrived At Work 

I go to the kitchen and make my breakfast shake and cup of coffee and being to work. Call my husband just to let him know that I arrived safe and check on the kids. 

How does your morning routine look like? Share with me in the comments below. 

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