Dove Original and invisible dry

New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry

Dove Original and invisible dry

Last month I received the New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry from Rubybox to try and share with my friends. The new Dove formula goes beyond 48 hours. Dove cares about the skin even underarms and gives your underarm skin the care it needs.

The hit favourite from my friends was the Dove Invisible dry. Not only does it provide protection it leaves no trace on your clothes giving you the freedom to wear your favourite colour.

The Dove Invisible Dry was tested on 100 garment colours from black to white and all colours.

Had fun testing New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry. I will be buying the duo again because they last long and do not need to buy the roll on because the antiperspirant lasts long and gave me the protection I needed.

After testing it on my little black dress I must say, I am in love with the Dove Invisible Dry because now I can wear my favourite colours with confidence and no worry of stain or flakiness.

To be honest, I have always seen the Dove Antiperspirants in stores, but never really bought any because I do not like to change.  I am a creature of habit.

After trying the duo, will be buying them again and you can also give them a try at home you won’t be disappointed.

They both contain ¼ of moisturising cream for beautiful underarms and 48-hour protection.

Both the Dove Original and Invisible Dry are available from all leading stores and pharmacies for only R31.95

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