New App to help children report abuse launched in Durban

 new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. T.

When I heard that a new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. The first thing that came into my mind was where was this when I was growing up. The new app will be available to schools that will sign up for approximately R500 monthly.

As much as this app is a great initiative what about schools in the rural and township arears who do not have a budge.

The app was launched in Durban and The Guardian is ready to distribute the app to schools throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal. The app is aimed to increase the reporting of sexual abuse and bullying. My daughter experienced bullying last year and she was afraid to tell. To get the details out of her was a mission.

Sometimes is can be hard for children to speak to parents, so this app made available in schools is an amazing initiative and hope the Department of Education will get involved.

How the app works

1.A staff will be selected to be the ambassador of the app

  1. When an entry is made, the ambassador will receive an email notifying them about the report submitted on the system.
  2. The ambassador can ask for more information from the victim, but the identity will remain anonymous.
  3. The matter will be investigated.

This app launched by the Guardian it is the first of its kind in South Africa and the Guardian is prepared should the matter be severe.

As a parent and a survivor of child abuse I really hope this initiative succeeds and spread through the country. I suffered in silence with no one to talk too, yes I survived but not many do and turn to committing suicide.

Do you think new App to help children report abuse launched in Durban is a wonderful idea?


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