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New OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder

My family and I had the pleasure  to try the New OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder we received from Mumbox.

The New OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder is, specifically formulated to work effectively in your machine. 


• Specifically formulated for washing machines

• Washes away germs

• Tough Stain removal

• Hygienically cleans

The aim of this campaign was to encourage parents to get messy and play with their children while creating memories without worrying about stains on their kids clothes.

I love this campaign because I am a mom and of course would love a product that promises to hygienically clean my kids close while killing germs all at the same time.


I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, here we go again another product making promises only to disappoint. Simply put I was skeptical of the New OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder.

My mom was the first to use it while I was at work. She complimented on how amazing the product smelled.

I thought someone used perfume in the house. I love the pleasant scent as well.

Finally got to try the Omo and I was blown away on how effective it was. It took the stains off my son’s t-shirt and left it smelling amazing in the process 

Basically I am eating my words up, for judging the book by it’s cover before giving the product a chance.

Loved the packaging and love that it is written how many loads you get out of a package.

Don’t take my word for it you can visit the Mumbox website here, and read other reviews for other mums who have tried the product. 

My rating for this product  is 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Mumbox sent the products for the purpose of this review.

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