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New Sunlight Baby Auto and Handwash Liquid

When I received the New Sunlight Baby Auto and Handwash Liquid to test and review. I was excited because my baby boy has very sensitive skin and gets recurring rashes if something does not agree with his sensitive and gentle skin.

About The Product.

New Sunlight Baby Auto and Handwash LIQUID comes in a 1,5 Litre bottle which claims to have the same number of washes as your 2 kg.

The Sunlight Baby Auto and Handwash Liquid is;
Contains no enzymes
Made with a recyclable bottle
Has no dye.

My First Impression of the Product.

I loved the auto and Handwash ability of the product. It leaves the clothes smelling amazing and the scent is not harsh on people with sinuses like myself.

The packaging is cute and the liquid is transparent and slightly yellow.

My Overall Review.

I live the concept of this product, gentle o. The skin yes, effective no. I say it is not effective based on having a baby that is learning to walk and eating solid food that stains the clothes.

It could be effective for newborn babies because they hardly get dirty knees from crawling or stains from foods like pumpkin, carrots.

When clothes are heavily stained and dirty it was twice the washing cycle in the machine and even after soaking the clothes in a bathtub the clothes were still not visibly clean.

Positive thing about this soap is that it did not cause my son’s skin to breakout and left the clothes smelling amazing.

I can only recommend for babies who are still having milk with sensitive skin only, not solids and starting to crawl.


I was sent the Sunlight Baby Auto and Handwash Liquid for the purpose of this review.

Review Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

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