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Online Skills Program ReadytoWork by ABSA

Wow, this is an amazing initiative by ABSA Bank. The aim of this online skills program ReadytoWork by ABSA is to get a person  ready for a workplace. By offering modules you can complete and earn a certificate on completion.

The best part is that it is free of charge and ABSA is trying to have their certificates to be SAQA recognized.

‍ReadytoWork by ABSA offers the following modules: Entrepreneurial Skills, Money Skills, People Skills and Work Skills.

Just choose a module that will benefit you more or can do them all.

Under each module there are resources loaded that be can downloaded such as:

Money Skills (Make Credit work for you), Work Skills (The art of good interview) People Skills (Developing effective communication skills) and Entrepreneurial Skills (Considering Self Employment).

Just to name a few, check out the ReadytoWork website for more amazing resources.

Learning some skills from such initiatives shows the prospective employee that you are proactive and upgrading your skills.

Thus making you an attractive candidate for the position. It is free to use it to your own advantage. I would advise everyone to looking through the site dont just take my word for it.

If you or your family member is between the age of 16 and 35 you can register for the ABSA free online skills program ReadytoWork.

They also offer a career guidance tool that will provide  the best career option suited to you.

What you do think about this initiative? Do you think by Absa trying to have their certificates recognized by the South African Qualifications Association makes it an amazing online skills program?

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