OverProtective Mother

Photog by Carol Mlangeni
Photo by Carol Mlangeni

I received whatsapp message from my mom and sister, you know those chain messages about a man who is doing human trafficking targeting single women,boys and girls. I started getting worried about my daughter as I work fulltime and take time to get home I worry a lot about her.All I want to do is protect her all the time but I don’t want to live in fear either.

Found myself thinking about home schooling if its a safe option because the world has become a very dangerous place to live in. The idea of someone taking your child is nerve wrecking .

My daughter she is six full of life, starting Grade 1 next year, named her Abeerah in Muslim it means flower and in Hebrew means strength.she is the love of my life and will do anything to protect her from scumbags who targets children.


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