Pregnancy Announcement: Then we were four

The last time I was pregnant was nearly 10 years ago, I must say being older and pregnant, is a lot harder than when you are 24 years old. Here is our pregnancy announcement: Then we were four.

I am freaking out because I was honestly content with having one child my baby girl. Now I must do the sleepless night dance, baby crying for no reason and feeding.

Still find myself up in the middle of the night with anxiety and questions running through my mind. How will I balance being a mom of two and work, as well as what if it is a boy?

First Trimester

Wow, I remember I was always so tired in December and honestly didn’t know that I was pregnant. Would spend the whole day in bed and gosh, I peed a lot it still had not dawned on me that a seed has been planted.

The reason why it is because my cycle was irregular and could not really tell when I was ovulating and all that. Finally bought the test and it was positive. My face literally dropped, I was not doing the happy dance, I was more in shock than anything.

Started bleeding and I thought this was it, I had miscarried before, but no the baby stuck it out. It was a hard first trimester with occasional abdominal cramps like I was getting my period, feeling nauseated (Thankfully not vomiting) and my breast grew larger every week LOL. I also ate a lot, we made it through the first trimester.

Food Cravings and dislikes

Started not liking the taste or smell of red meat, I am strictly on chicken and fish diet. Oh, I developed a love affair with gherkins, cheese and chilli sauce in everything. Cheese is number one right now. Anything salty is my go-to cravings.

My Daughter’s Reaction

My girl was sad at the beginning and when I asked her why. She told me that I was going to love the baby more than her now. I was speechless and I reassured her that I will love her the same way, nothing will change.

Recently she has warmed up to be the big sister and I included her in the name choosing processes and she made fun of some of the names I chose. It was funny and eye opening because you know about when the baby starts school, she or he could be made fun of the same way she did.

Excited and scared at the same time because of the age gap between them. I am sure everything will work out just fine.

Here is ends my pregnancy announcement: Then we were four, until the next pregnancy update.

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