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Product Review: Oral-B Pro-Expert

Yesterday afternoon I received a box of goodies it was the recently advertised the wait for it Oral- B Pro-Expert toothpaste and toothbrush. Anyway I was planning to get a new toothbrush but the samples saved me a trip to the stop.



The toothpaste is in a gel form blue in colour with fresh mint flavour, I used it in the morning and till now when I run my tounge across my teeth I dont feel any plague build up still feel fresh like I just brush my teeth, I am definately switching toothpaste to Oral -B



The Oral B Pro-Expert its an all round protection from cavaties,sensitivity, breath and whitening, speaking of whitening I can trully say it works because I like drinking my coffee black and strong and it stains my teeth but after brush my teeth last night and this morning I saw a difference in the whiteness so will continue using it .

I totally recommend the product


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