Remedies for Puffy Eyes

I suffer from puffy eyes most mornings and I don’t know why, but I have found some remedies for puffy eyes to take care of the inflammation around my eye when needed. The skin around our eyes is very thin and factors like drinking too much alcohol and not sleeping well show under your eyes and it can be really unattractive.

Here are Four tips on maintain healthy vibrant under eyes.

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Tea Bags
I keep used Rooibos or green tea, tea bags in the freezer, If I am planning to use them, I take them out while I am bathing and then place them on my eyes for five minutes the coldness reduces inflammation.

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Before I go to bed I use Vaseline to remove makeup under my eyes using a cotton wool, this lease my eyes feeling soft and moisturized. Applying Vaseline under your eyes before sleeping also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it locks in the much needed moisture.

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I had no idea about this until last year place your spoons in the freezer for about fifteen minutes and then place them on your puffy eyes until the spoon is warm. I find this method effective and helps with my dark circles under my eyes.

I have dry skin and I grew up using glycerine, apply it on your face at night can make a huge difference in the morning. I have used it as my night cream/lotion, but I have learned that glycerine thickens the under eyes, skin and restores elasticity also makes the wrinkles less visible.

The bottom line is hydration is equal to, less dark circles and puffy eyes and not all of us can afford those expensive high end night creams and eye cream so when money is tight I use the 4 above methods to continue looking well rested and youthful.

What do you use to treat those unwanted puffy eyes?



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