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Review: Omo Handwash Laundry Liquid




Want to remove tough stains the old fashion way? Last week friday on my way home from work I saw this Omo truck with lots of boxes filled with Omo handwash laundry liquid so I decided to get myself a sample to try. Even though I wash with a machine I gave this handwash liquid a try.

Omo Handwash Liquid soap is designed for people who use their hands to do laundry.

Promises from Omo include:
>Removes tough stains faster
>Just one cap is enough
>The 750ml liquid is equals to 1kg powder
>You get about 10 washes

Omo is a popular trusted brand you can buy the product from the following stores and you can visit their websites to find a store near you:

>Shoprite (

>Checkers (

>Spar (

>Pick n Pay (

Omo Handwash Laundry Liquid is a well established brand that you can trust and so far it has delivered results .

After using the product over the weekend yes I used my hands to wash a few clothes and I noticed the follow
The soap has a very pleasant smell
One cap of the liquid soap is really enough as it lasts long throughout the wash.
Pre-soaking the clothes helps with removing the stains and didn’t use a lot of strength to wash

Also noticed that the soap is a little harsh on the hands so I suggest you put lotion on your hands after doing the laundry


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