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Skin Republic Epidermal Growth Factor Mask


In my mission to find my perfect skin I have bought a few products and I also found some face marks from Skin Republic which offer different product in this post I will be talking about the Epidermal Growth Factor silk cellulose mask sheet which targets anti aging factors .

Epidermal Growth Factor contains astaxanthin and peptide which together work effectively to recover elasticity of the skin within the layers of epidermis to promote production of collagen . it is dermatologist tested.This advanced skin care range is developed by dermatologist from the university of Seoul in Korea.

Epidermal Growth Factor promises to:
-Tightens, lifts and moisturizes
-Reduces the signs of aging
-Improves flexibity

Its is hypoallergenic skin range which deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin promoting a healthy looking skin . the mask is soaked in serum containing skin filler ingredients.

Direction for Use
wash and tone your face
Place the mask on your face evenly
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
Remove the mask and pat the skin
Apply the serum left in the packaging on your neck.

Preferably use twice a week for the first month then after as required

I found the Epidermal Grothe Factor to be nourishing as after I used it I stayed the whole day without putting my face cream and my face remained moisturized and fresh. My skin is better and I am loving the area under my eyes looks much better these days. This is a product worth trying and affordable .Can’t afford a facial at a spa this product is what you need.

Available at takealot,Red Square,Dischem and Clicks they go from R39.00 per mask pack.

For more info click here

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