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Skin Restoration Gel By SKLEER- Review


I am always looking for products to test that promise clear skin and remove acne spot I recently discovered SKLEER. I ordered my product from takealot
Skleer is a skin restoration gel that uses natural ingriedients such as Eucalyptus oil,tea tree oil, glycerine and cardamom oil to name a few. This product promises to regenerate and restore your skin by deeply nourishing your skin .

Skleer is used to treat the following:
Sun and Age Spots
Minor burns,cuts and grazes
Itchy Skin(Pruritus)

Direction for Use

To treat pimples and acne clean and dry the area at night and apply the affected area.

The product is available at the following stores:

Dischem Stores
SKLEER Representatives across the the country for more information visit their website

I have been using this product for a week now and some of my spots have started to clear up. I love the smell of Skleer its a mentol smell, it smells like medicine and its in a gel form easy to apply and soothing . I currently happy with what I have seen lately but I will write a follow up final verdict in a month or two.

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