Being a Mom

Some Educational and Fun Toys

So I decided to get my daughter some educational and toys since this is her birthday month, I bought the following from my favorite online store takealot.

Educa Frozen Multi 4 Puzzles I was so excited about this product 4 in 1 then I opened the box, voila all the pieces mixed, I initially thought that the puzzles would be divided into compartments as the box cover.

Colouring book
Hello Kitty 120 page Jumbo Colour Activity Book I chose this because Abeerah loves Hello Kitty and it would keep her busy while I am writing this post because she talks too much and I had to buy the Penguin A24 Wax Crayons Box of 24 also because I have no idea what she has done to her colours.
Grafix Educational Alphabet Puzzle Board bought these because she can sing her alphabets but she can hardly identify most of them when I tell her to show me an E for elephant she draws a blank. I decided to be a mom in action. Well, hopefully these will keep my hyperactive daughter calm and less talkative, so that I can hear myself think.

All these lovely goodies available at Takealot

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