Spark Your Child’s Future with OneSpark University Wallet Plan
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Spark Your Child’s Future with OneSpark University Wallet Plan

All parents want their children to achieve their dreams, without the worry of finances. Taking a step now as a parent to spark your child’s future with OneSpark University Wallet Plan, will give you a peace of mind. Let me ask you a question parents. 

Are you a proactive or reactive parent when it comes to your children’s education? 

According to StatsSa, a sad amount of young South Africans (more than 51%) does not have the financial means to pay for their university education.*

I believe this to be true because halfway through my college days my parents struggle to the point where I had to write out a textbook for subjects, because we could not afford them. 

They used the money they had to pay fees and transport and organise learning materials from friends, that was the most humiliating time in my life. After I had children, I made a promise to myself to never put my children through everything I went through.

Spark Your Child’s Future with OneSpark University Wallet Plan

Ensuring that every child gets the education they need all it needs is proper planning from us parents. Requires us to be proactive not reactive parents. 

That is why OneSpark, a new tech-based insurer that is completely disrupting the life insurance industry, has created a world-first education protection product that covers you if you pass away, suffer a disability or cancer, while paying a R250,000 cashback.  You do not claim to help pay you with your children’s university education. All for a premium that starts from only R90 a month.

R90 a month is affordable, it is even worth giving up things like eating out or non- necessities that we spend money on a monthly basis.

Those small amounts add up especially when ended over a period of year or even 18 years. 

As a parent, we always want the best for our children’s future but sometimes life gets in the way. With rising costs and growing uncertainty, it is difficult to both protect your child’s education and put money away to help with their future education.

By taking out this University Wallet Plan, you are both protecting your children’s education if something happens to you, and if not, you have the certainty of knowing that you will get R250,000 to help to pay for their university so that they can become the doctor, lawyer or engineer that they have always dreamt of being. It is a win, win!  

Are you ready to Spark Your Child’s Future with OneSpark University Wallet Plan? Do not let your child become a statistic, like I was when I was in college.

This ensures a peace of mind for both the child and the parent while focusing on what is important, achieve that goal. 

OneSpark was founded by Josh Kaplan and Greg Smith, proud South African entrepreneurs who believe that life is about searching for new ways to uplift people and society at large. Their story began many years ago where Greg and Josh met as colleagues.

As Actuaries, they landed up working together, helping to lead the Research and Development, at a global insurance giant where they created some of the world’s most innovative and award-winning insurance, banking and social impact products, including one of Africa’s first and largest Social impact Bonds aimed at assisting government in solving the higher education crisis.

Being a proactive parent breaks generational struggles to make it possible for our children to be the first to even attend university in most families. 

If OneSpark gets to protect the education of 1 million South African children, that is over R250 billion they will be giving back to help shape the future leaders of South Africa, for the betterment of all.  Now that sounds good to me. 

OneSpark Insurance policies are affordable, simple, quick and easy. Visit their website here or call 0861777271 to get a quote in seconds. 


This post was brought to you in collaboration with OneSpark Insurance.

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