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State Of Numbness

State of numbness

Wow, l was in a state of numbness in the past few months.The state of numbness is when you don’t feel like doing anything and time is moving in slow motion yet so fast. Yes, when you are depressed time moves super quick before you know it 6 months had passed just like that and you won’t get it back.

Damn being an adult is hard, I wish I could be a little kid right, even though life was not rosy in my childhood sure makes adulthood look like hell. Just the other day it got me thinking do I have daddy issues.You know those roles on TV where you see women who are broken and they do different things to fill an unfillable void “daddy issues”.

That is when I got my aha moment there is no way I am going to be that weak, broken woman, it’s hard enough being a woman and a mother to a daughter. At least I have to make it for my daughter’s sake, I am her role model if I fall apart in front of her. Who will teach her to be a strong woman?

I realized that you can overcome the state of numbness, when you hang on to that glimpse of light at the end of the dark long tunnel of depression. I want my daughter to appreciate being a child because adulthood is not for the weak and faint heart.

Life is hard but we always have to get up regardless of the situation.

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