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I launched my blog late last year without thinking how of much money I will be spending on data and believe me it’s a lot. I have hopped from one network to another trying to find the one with the cheapest prepaid plans (not interested in getting a contract). So after moving from MTN to Cell c now I am on Telkom mobile my struggle continues. I am renting where I live so installing an ADSL line is really not an option so I am stuck with prepaid plans. Here is a low down of how much data and airtime I use in a month, it’s costing me an arm and a leg.

Airtime in the beginning of the month I would buy R150.00 airtime from Telkom Mobile which I would convert into 3 gigs (2 gigs for the day and 1 gig for Night Surf). Depending on how many posts I do in 2 weeks the 2 gig is finished, I need to recharge again as I am new so being constantly online sharing my blog posts promoting. I would recharge again with R 69, 00 which I will convert into 500mb well this does not even last me a day.This will go on until the next payday by then I would have almost spent R500.00 on data. Now Telkom Mobile has changed its price plan no more 3 gigs for R149.00, the bottom line is, blogging is really hard and sometimes I feel like giving up.

So yesterday I decided to ask on a Facebook page I am part of and there are a lot of bloggers who are going through the same data problem. Fellow bloggers have given me the following suggestions to curbing my data usage:
1.Downsizing photos (Melissa recommended app called Reduce Photo)
2.Use Opera Mini as a browser instead
3. When using an Android tablet switch off automatic updates and restrict background data
4.When using Facebook rather use the browser instead of the app, the app uses a lot of data

So Brian commented on my post can’t wait for the fibre, so I went to google to find out what is this fibre Brian can’t wait for it cannot be the kind that helps you with bowel movement. I googled it on the landing page the prices got me excited to go deeper into the site and guess what, it’s an ADSL kind of internet again, not beneficial for me until I have a permanent residence and it’s currently only available to a selected suburb. I must say they have sweet deals, check it out if you have an ADSL.
fibre Internet

The struggle continues to find the most reasonable prepaid plans. Do you have any other suggestions on how I can save on data? Please share below in the comments section

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