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Ten Fun Facts About Me

I have been struggling to stay motivated to write lately that, I have not blogged that much. Today I decided to share with you ten fun facts about me.

1. Fear of driving

Gosh I fear driving because I get anxiety attacks and literally get sick to my stomach when thinking about driving.

2. Motherhood

Honestly motherhood has made me a better person and to think that I never wanted children in my life, but I would not trade my stubborn daughter for anything in the universe.

3. Twilight Saga Series

Whenever it’s on tv,  I watch to the point of annoying my husband and  my daughter has joined the #TeamEdward fan club.

4. Frozen

Whenever there is nothing on tv to watch, we watch the recorded Frozen Movie on our PVR. FYI my daughter and I we talk with it and sing along.

5. Education

I have an Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management and starting my Degree in Psychologic with UNISA next year 2018.

6. Married to a Muslim

My husband is a Muslim and honestly, I just don’t get this all religion thing. Maybe I am not there yet.

7. Introvert

I am an introvert, love spending time at home because huge crowds they overwhelm me. Enjoy my own company.

8. Online Shopaholic

Do you know that movie The Confessions of a Shopaholic yep that’s me but online? Seriously hate the shops, standing on the que to cashiers who look like they don’t want to work. Online is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

9. Reformed Coffee Addict

My coffee addiction days are over traded them for tea. Used to drink coffee like nobody’s business, then I got sick and had to give it up. It was hard but don’t miss it.

10. TV Series and Movies Addict

Totally a tv series and movies addict and watch all genres and I am a Transformers fanatic.

Do you have fun facts about you? I would like to read about them

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