The Challenges of Having Two Children

Well, for the longest time I have been a mom of one and it was easy for me. No one told me about the challenges of having two children. Don’t get me wrong I long my babies, but I spent most of the time asking myself what the hell was I thinking.

There is a 10 – year age difference between my children and I remember writing about it here.

Continue reading about some of the challenges I am facing with having two children.

Spending Time

Being the least organised person I know, so when I only had my daughter. I was just winging it most of the time and it worked, but now I have two children who both need my time and attention.

Some days I fell like I am losing it and some I just sit down in the shower and cry it out because is bloody hard being a mom to two.

In January, I am going back to work and seriously don’t know how I will balance of together. Think it is time to get myself a life planner.


What energy? I don’t remember the last time I had energy to do anything and whenever I do. I use it to do house chores and cooking . I rely on coffee to keep me going throughout the day.


My daughter is a tween, and she is coming of age. Oh! Boy, I did not prepare for that. She is moody and the attitude is frustrating.

She likes to complain that I don’t play with her anymore or spend time with her. I am trying my best but my son is clingy and wants his own attention.

So emotions are all over the place in my household.

What these challenges have taught me is that I have to put on my big girl panties and get my life together because I am going to lose it.

Do you have any advice of how to handle all these challenges? Please share with me in the comments.

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Love, Mo

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