The Downside of Mental Health During National Lockdown

The first week was awesome to be with my family especially my children and I could binge on my favourite TV shows. 

Lately Iike right now I feel my anxiety and depression showing flames. Yep the downside of Mental Health during national lockdown. 

I am currently feeling unproductive and trapped. I am an introvert but then that is being in the house was by choice not by regulation.

Miss being at work doing something meaningful. Yes I love being with my children but come on I can only take so much Frozen and Maleficent. 

Honestly hope that the lockdown is not extended because I am at the verge of losing my mind.

Also don’t have my depression medication stopped taking them while I was pregnant and breastfeeding my son.

If I continue to feel this way I will have to go get them and really don’t want to because I hate how they make me feel. 

Trying to keep myself preoccupied but even social media is kinda boring me right now and the challenges are getting out of control on Twitter. 

Oh and just ran out chocolate somebody please send help. Really envy people who look like they have got it all together during this national lockdown.

How is your mental health doing during this national lockdown?

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