The First Period Care Pack For My Daughter
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The First Period Care Pack For My Daughter

The past week has been eventful. Been contemplating posting this post but well need to normalize such topics. My daughter is transitioning into womanhood and I created the First Period Care Pack for my daughter to cheer her up. 

My 11 years old daughter started her period. I thought I was so prepared for this we had the talk more than I care to remember but BOOM.

I came from work, and she told me, I felt guilty because I was at work and not here for her when it happened.

She started asking lots of questions about periods which I tried to the best of my abilities.

These are some questions she asked me ;

Why am I am so hungry? 

Why does my skin break out? 

How long will the period lasts? 

Do I have to wear a pad to school? 

What if I mess myself while in school? 

I created the first period care pack for my daughter and included all her favorite things and more.

Here are the thinks I included in her care pack;

  1. Chamomile tea to help with the cramps. 
  2. Chocolate because they life your mood. 
  3. Oreos she’s obsessed with them. 
  4. Pads from Comfitex for protection. 
  5. Femme Pantyliners. 
  6. Lil-lets Feminine wipes infused with aloe for everyday freshness. 
  7. Various exfoliating and purifying face masks. 
  1. Hand lotion to continue
  2. Pampering herself. 
  3. Pain pills for when the cramps became unbearable. 
  4. Lip balm because you can never have enough lip care right. 
  5. Hand Sanitiser to cleanse and protect. 
  6. Perfume spray because a girl’s got to feel amazing. 
  7. Cute cosmetic bag for her to keep her pads she is at school. 

I used a plastic container so that I could keep replenishing it instead of using a box one.

Just like that my baby girl is all grown up. I know that some girls start as young as 9 years old but I hoped I still had more years.

Have you created a care pack for your girl’s first period? 

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