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The mainstream quality of life

The mainstream quality of life these days is changing every year and busier every year forgetting just to stop and breath. I grew up in the city and in love with life in the city, but lately I have been yearning for a quieter and simpler life. Maybe just maybe when I grow older I will buy a house surrounded by trees with open space for fresh.

I am thankful for my daughter because her views of life they are just so simple and surprising. She is the sparkle I need in my day and when I am sad she would do something to make me laugh. She would be so happy when I do and say yes, I made you smile.Really find the age my daughter is right now the most exciting because of her curiosity and as adults we tend to lose that. I don’t remember the last time I was curious about something.

The mainstream quality of life

This is the mainstream quality of life we just work and work and want to make more money. That’s all we do these days make money, eat and sleep repeat. Our every little move is monetized; I yearn for a simple life.The mainstream quality of life


Have you ever yearned to slow down and breath?


Breath. Meditate. Smile

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  • Nikki

    Over the last several years we have slowed down our lives. Even though we have kids that have things that need to be done, Bruce and I have really slowed slowed things down in our lives. I do a lot online and with my shop and blog, but we are not running here and there and everywhere like we used to do. We are enjoying each moment much more. Good luck to you, life in the city is fun, but you can still find pockets of quiet to soothe your soul.

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