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The National Nutrition Week : Love your beans Campaign


Did you know that since the 9th until the 15th October is The National Nutrition Week: Love your beans Campaign , I honestly had no idea until this morning? The theme for this year is “love your beans” and I am not a fan of beans or lentils.
This afternoon from 1 -2pm the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) hosted a Twitter Talk which I attended because I was curious. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the educational 1 hour talk they gave tips and ideas of how to incorporate beans and lentils in your daily diet and lifestyle.

When I think lentils I immediately think about winter and soup but apparently you can have them all year round. It was really an eye opening one hour well spent. That also shared resources like recipe of how to prepare pulses to keep them interesting, to see what went on the talk see @ADSA_RD on Twitter.
The National Nutrition:Love your beans
Things I have learned today about pulses in The National Nutrition Week:Love your beans Campaign.

• Pulses protect us from certain diseases.
• Soak overnight to make them easier to digest and also quicker to cook.
• Really loved how you can even include them in your baking of muffins, homemade bread etc.
• The earlier you introduce beans and lentils to your children the better. (My daughter hates beans and it’s my fault)
• You can boil, fry, roast, mash, even tofu them, you can really do anything with pulses.
• Good source of fiber and protein.

The information is a lot I cannot include all of them in this post just visit twitter and see for yourself and you will also get lots of recipes shared.
The National Nutrition Week :Love your beans is brought to us by @HealthZA & @SAHeartStroke @CGCSA1 @CEPMilkSA & @NNW2013 #LovePulses. Check them out on twitter to find out more about the ‘Love your beans” campaign.

Does your family eat pulses? 

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