The Perfect Gifts in The Month of Love

Wow! Can you believe it is February already and do you know what that means? It is the month of love and people everywhere around the world celebrates Valentine’s Day.

The stores are decorated in red and white decor with heart, but what are the perfect gifts in the of love.

Valentine’s Day it is believed to be the day you spoil your loved one with gifts and all. I will be sharing with you the perfect gifts in the month of love that work for me.

The Perfect gifts in the month of love are;

Gift of Quality Time

The gift of spending quality time with your loved one is far more priceless than chocolates and flowers. It will forever be cherished and remember.

Handwritten Letter from The Heart

We live in a time on which we use texts, social media and email to communicate. Writing a handwritten letter from the heart is something timeless and beautiful.

Gateway for Two

We lead a busy life between work and being parents, most couples hardly have a date night. Use a getaway for two with your loved one as a time to reconnect and find yourselves as a couple once more.

Printing Photos

I am guilty of not printing out photos from my phone. Making a scrapbook of photos is a thoughtful and labour of love kind of gift and it is from the heart.

I am not saying that buying gifts is not special, we have a lot of clutter in our lives. We have so many things collected from over the years from valentines, birthday and Christmas gifts.

Also, switching things up every year makes things unpredictable and exciting. Instead of the same old chocolates, cards, and teddy bears gifts.

Make a habit of giving meaningful gifts that are priceless and timeless. Hope you all have a Memorable Valentine’s Day.

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