things I am working on to fill my cup

Things I am working on to Fill My Cup

We give our power away to our spouses, children, extended families, friends, and more and we are left with nothing.  This drains our cups and leaves us burnt out. I realised this decided to take action and change this in my life so that is why I am sharing with you things I am working on to fill my cup.

In life we tend to give up so much of our power away, most of the time we are unaware that we are doing so. We tend to give so much away that in turn, it leaves us burned out playing different roles in the modern world. 

Things I am working on to Fill My Cup

Self Care

I took a momcation in April and this did amazing things for my mind and soul. Planning to take more of these without breaking the bank and even have some me times at home.


Recently started a Lisa Nichols challenge, in this challenge you look yourself in the mirror and find seven things that you are proud of, forgive yourself for and commit to yourself every single day for 28 days even more.  Check out her youtube channel there is some amazing content there.

Less Social Media Exposure

This can be a little hard since I am a content creator, still working on the cut-off times for weekdays and staying off social media on weekends.

Read More Books 

  I want to try to read at least about 10 books by the end of the year. I am a fan of visual arts movies and series are my thing, want to commit to reading at least 10 books by the end of the year. 

Go on Solo Dates 

I haven’t been to one since having my daughter about 12 years ago. I need to jump right back into it and take myself out for coffee e and cake at some restaurant and actually sit in not take away. 

Silence the Negative Charter  

Often we have negative thoughts about ourselves and it needs to stop and love ourselves as we are not how society, spouses even children want us to be. After all, you were you before taking over the roles your play in your life, I urge you to rediscover yourself and love yourself again.

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