Tips about savings in your 20s

Things I Wish I Knew about Saving Money in My 20s.

Hi fam today I will be talking about things I wish I knew about saving money in my 20s. Why? Well, because the older you get the harder it gets.

In my 20s after graduating from college it was hard to get a job luckily, a family’s friend offered me a job in his Construction company and the great thing about this was it was, he had a home office few houses from my house.

I was paid think R800.00 at the time, I did not mind then because I was focused on getting the experience, I needed to get a job in the corporate world. For the year worked at my first job I wasted my money on takeaway from and unimportant things.

I could have saved more because I was not paying rent, buying food or even had any responsibilities.

Here are things I wish I knew about saving money in my 20s:

1.            The earlier you start to save money the better.

2.            Opened a fixed deposit account for savings.

3.            Stop splurging on clothes and sneakers.

4.            Takeaway food wastes money.

5.            I should have saved half my salary while I did not have kids and bills.

6.            To never say yes to every creditor that phoned me to offer me credit, that left me in debt that took years to pay.

7.            Compound interests adds up, just requires patience.

I am at a better place now with personal finance and I try to learn more every day from personal finance blogs and influencers.

Also, I am saving more these days, finally at peace with the fact that you can save from a little as R1.

00 and you do not need to wait to have thousands to start saving.

When it comes to saving money, it is about the journey not the destination.  Remember that your personal finance journey does not need to be the safe as my journey. Do what works for you and never compare yourself to other people.

Save whatever you can afford to save, that is all that matters starting.

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