Things I wish I Knew Before Buying a Car


Damn, why didn’t anyone warn me that buying a car is like having a baby like seriously, you could have saved me the stress and money. So this year February I bought a second hand car because I was bloody tired of the public transport having to wait one and half hour to get a taxi is bull. So in my mist of being pissed and angry I told hubby I am getting a car and he said okay sure.
So having a car is not a walk in the park like really, I just thought it was an easy put petrol and drive from A to B boy was I wrong.

Honestly here are things I wish I knew before buying a car

1. Car Insurance
Being a new driver and living right in the CBD high risk the premiums damn they are so high. I wanted comprehensive insurance to have a peace of mind, it was a full-time job indeed the premiums and excess money. After a dreadful 10minutes phone calls from the insurance company I finally found something even though I think its still expensive but the excess is reasonable.

2. Parking Fees
Since I am living in a flat rent and parking they are different bills, wow so this I didn’t not think about it at all it only hit me the day I got the car that I need parking.

3. Petrol
So with petrol since I got my car I have never filled the tank because I hardly go with the car anywhere because I am still paying off my car. Luckily I am finishing it in December that will change.

4. Car Service and Maintenance
Another expense of having a car, taking it for a service, well I am already drowning in bills and my salary can only stretch to a certain point and oh yes, I was told by a colleague that I must start saving for new tyres as I will be needing them like seriously do you know how much are tyres that’s like my whole salary in one.

It really feels like having a second baby, which I was not financially ready for, my advice before buying a car put all these points into consideration because you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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  • The Blog Centre

    Great tips to share for first-time car owners – so many people buy expensive fancy cars and then forget about how costly it is to maintain them, especially the fancy expensive cars
    Thanks for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday

  • Michelle

    My biggest thing about buying a car is that I know almost nothing about cars and I think car salesmen know this and take advantage of it. I ended up with a lemon but I had to keep it because I was stuff with a bank loan. I’ve had my car for about 2 1/2 years and I’ve put more money into it then the cost of my loan and I’m still paying on it. Next car is going to be a brand of car I know and trust! Thanks for sharing! visiting from #showcasetuesdays

    • Moipone Islam


      Oh girl that sucks salesman should be able to advise not only chase the commission yeah me too next time I will research before I buy a car

      thanks for visiting

  • Random Musings

    I think you tend to look at the cost of the car and forget about the additional expenses. Great post to remind people of all the extras 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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