Tips for Non Immigrant Visa Application (USA)

Non Immigrant Visa USA

Traveling to countries that need a visa it is a lot of work indeed I found out while we were planning our visit to the United States of America, initially we wanted to travel in December 2015 but I was overwhelmed by the process that I quit the application process because a lot of people love to travel in December .

January came and we decided to try again because I was getting leave at work for the easter weekend and the schools will be closed by that time.

Tips for Non Immigrant Visa Application (USA)

1. For the tourist visa go to to fill in the online application each and every family member needs to fill out the form which for me it was two adults and one child. Always double check the information before submitting because once you click submit you cannot amend the application.At the end of the submission you will need to print out the DS160 confirmation which you will need to present at the embassy. You will required to upload the 50cm by 50cm photo, but if it does not meet their requirements don’t worry, you can take the correct ones when you go for the interview.

2. Now its time to book for the visa interview for this you go to, here you will choose on which day, date and branch you want to take the interview. They have credit card payment and cash payment options for cash its strictly at the Absa bank. If you pay cash you need to pay first before you can book your appointment. Follow the instructions in order to avoid delay. Print out the instructions after booking the appointment they will have time and date.

3. Now you have your appointment set time to get your documents ready:
– If traveling with children you need the unabridged birth certificate
-If the other parent is not traveling you need the letter of consent from them otherwise you will not go anywhere.
-If the other parent has passed on take a copy of the death certificate with you.
– Take the latest 3months bank statement with you to prove your funds and affordability
– Do Not Book your flight.
– Get a letter of employment if employed and also stating that you have left to travel of days you have chosen on your online application. If you are a business owner take your company registration papers and tax clearance form SARS and just in case proof of address. ( It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared)
– Book accommodation I used the site offers pay later hotels you only pay when you stay and they have free cancellation. You will receive confirmation print it and take it with you.
– Take your DS160 form and two photos with you if you did their size specifications best place to take them its Kodak they are professional.
– The main purpose of the interview is to prove that you will return to your home country after the holiday or visit to the USA so if you have property better take the title deed with you.

For the interview be calm, answer honestly and smile

If they visa is approved you get 10 years tourist visa now you can complete your trip planning and go and tour where you choose. Hope my tips for the non immigrant visa application for USA are helpful.

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