Tips for People Travelling Alone to International Countries.

 Tips for people travelling alone to International Countries.

The festival season is officially here and people are going away to amazing destinations. I sometimes feel like going away to an exotic destination all by myself, but sometimes It might not be a good idea to travel alone. So here are tips for people travelling alone to international countries

  1. Always travel with a well-known, trustworthy companion. Do not go off on your own.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings and have all of your emergency numbers on hand.
  3. Never trust strangers, do not visit dodgy places, have at least one other person with you.
  4. Do not travel alone, travel with a tour group.
  5. Carry pepper spray, it might be illegal in some countries (So find out).
  6. Always pack your bags yourself, do not take “gifts” from anybody.
  7. Leave your valuable items such as expensive jewelry that might make you a target.
  8. Give your family copy of all your itinerary and keep in touch as much as possible do they can know your movements
  9. Register with Registration of South African Citizens (ROSA). This service is free and by registering your trip online with ROSA you assist the Department to locate you during an emergency. If you have such a service in your country, it is advisable to register.
  10. Walk with confidence like you know where you are going and if you have ask for directions imply that you are meeting a friend there. So, that they don’t think you are alone.

Hope you find my tips for people travelling alone to international countries this December very useful.Safe travels and enjoy your holidays.

How do you keep yourself safe after living the secure borders of your home country?







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