Top 10 Songs On My Google Play Shuffle


Today decided to press shuffle on my Google Play and see which songs will play. Must say I was not disappointed at all loved all the music. So, without further a due here are my top 10 songs on my Google Play Shuffle.

  1. Conqueror by Estelle  

One of the songs that I listen to when I feel depressed and defeated its from Empire. This song gives me hope not to give up.

  1. Not My Ex- Jessie J

Wow one of the most soulful singers I love Jessie J because her songs have message, found the song while I was asking myself what happened to Jessie J and  such an amazing song with a very simple yet powerful video.

  1. Stand by You by Rachel Platten

The first time I heard the song was on the series Heartbeat when a transgender was about to leave the hospital after having to  lose her breasts because  of cancer and felt that she won’t be the same without them.

Very touching episode and I am still sad they cancelled the series because I loved it so much.

  1. Powerful by Alicia Keys on Empire

My second favourite song from the series Empire. As you can see I am a fan of Empire as well as Alicia Keys. The song has a very strong message about equality and its sad that we still must deal with racism currently.

  1. Laserlight Jessie J feat David Guetta

This is a good cleaning song, put it on while cleaning the over the weekend and it’s a good dance song.

  1. Drunk in Love by Beyoncé ft Jay Z

Just one of those songs in my music library never really understood (lol). Still don’t get it to this day as I am writing this blog post.

  1. No Promises by Cheat Codes feat Demi

So, in love with this song, another good dance song. My 8 years old daughter does not understand it when they say promises me no promises. Hahhaahhahhaha try explaining to some 8 years old.

  1. Unconditionally by Katy Perry

My girl crush, I love Katy Perry because her videos are always out of this world and my daughter and I we are huge fans. When she sees her says that is the girl from ROAR ROAR ROAR just amazing.

  1. Havana by Camila Cabello

Currently loving this sexy number. Even though the video was a bit a disappointing for me. Expected something vivid and lively well that’s just me but love the song though.

  1. Tell me how to feel by Maggie Eckford

First heard the song in the series Switched at Birth when Bay and Emmett broke up, there you have it I am a sucker for happy endings. It was a difficult scene and the song stayed with me.

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